World Religions Conference - September 28, 2014
    Sanctuary invited to Participate

The 34th World Religions Conference was held on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at the River Run Centre, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The World Religions Conference (WRC) is a multi-faith event which brings together scholars from the world’s major religions to speak on a common topic from the point of view of their respective religious traditions. For thirty years, the WRC has served as a forum for different religious and ethnic communities to gather in the spirit of tolerance, peace, cooperation, and understanding.

The Sacred Secular Sanctuary was pleased to be invited to participate in this event, and even more pleased when our president, Karis, was asked to be one of the presenters. The topic chosen for this year was "Pathways to Peace"

Teamwork and Networking

The Sanctuary shared a display table with the Society of Ontario Freethinkers, and members of both groups came dressed in our new, blue, "Good Without God" T-shirts. As part of the "opening prayer" section of the event, our Treasurer, Sheila, presented a reading from the works of David Suzuki. Later, after Karis' talk, members from the Sanctuary and SOFREE appeared onstage together to present the world premiere of our new song, "Good without a God".

        Random photos from the 34th Annual World Religions Conference

Unfortunately, no-one remembered to take pictures out in the display area, so we have only one 'selfie' of some of the team who worked the display table. There was a photographer from the WRC taking pictures, so we are hoping that more photos of the group will surface eventually. If that happens we will add them here.

Listen to our song: Good Without a God.


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