Sacred Secular Sanctuary and the World Religions Conference 2013

Stepping into a wider community

On Sunday, October 6, 2013, the Sacred Secular Sanctuary participated in the World Religions Conference, held at the River Run Centre in Guelph, Ontario. This was the 33rd such conference, but for many attendees it was the first time they had encountered Pantheism or Sacred Secularism.

We had been invited by our friends at the Society of Ontario Freethinkers (SOFREE) to share space on the Humanist table in the concourse, and we were pleased to accept the invitation. You can see our table, with Donelda and Karis, at the extreme right in the photo below.
our table at the World Religions Conference 2013
Our space on the table contained a list of our Principles, a picture of our website, some handout flyers, some business cards and a mailing list signnup sheet. It was a small space, but effective and many visitors came to talk with us. And of course we all wore our grey and silver Sanctuary T-shirts, which we had made just in time for this event.

        Sharing ideas

We took turns working at the booth and watching the program.

The opening session included presentations by a panel of speakers.

In the middle of the row you can see Jax, Donelda and Jessica, in their grey Sanctuary t-shirts, observing the panel discussion.

We enjoyed interacting with the visitors who stopped by. This photo shows Jax conversing with some Buddhist visitors, and provides a better look at the table we shared with SOFREE.

Throughout the day we visited the displays and talked to individuals from the many spiritual worldviews represented at the Conference.

A lunch was provided, and there was lots of time for mingling and learning. Here you can see Jax and Donelda looking over a pamphlet during the lunch break.


The event was well-attended and the audience watched performances from each tradition as well as listening to the speakers.

One of our favourites was the "Just Think" song and video presented by our Humanist friends. You can watch it here:

Throughout the day, Jessica tweeted to our Twitter page, and many of her tweets were re-tweeted, thus increasing our presence.

The press was also on hand. In this picture, one of the event organizers is being interviewed by CTV, and in the background Donelda and Jax are visible, engaged in conversation with a Muslim gentleman.

Participating in the World Religions Conference was an enjoyable and rewarding experience, and we look forward to doing it again next year!
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