Statement of Principles
    Statement of Principles

1. We see the Universe as our true progenitor; self-organizing, evolving and infinitely diverse. It inspires in us feelings of awe, wonder, mystery and majesty.

2. We celebrate our existence through knowledge, meditation, empathy, love, ethical action and art.

3. We hold all life to be inherently valuable and seek to live in harmony with one another and Nature. We strive to be respectful and compassionate to all.

4. We believe in social justice for all and agree with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Each person has autonomy over her/his own body and mind.


5. We see death as the end of our individual existence and the return to Nature of our physical bodies. We live on genetically through our families and our ideas live on through our contibutions to humanity.

6. We strive to understand the nature of reality by keeping an open mind to evidence, rational thought and scientific discovery.

7. Every individual should have the freedom for personal existential insight without the need of a facilitator.

8. As a secular organization we uphold the principles of separation of Church and State and the freedom of and from religion.

        Our Constitution

We present our Constitution, so that members can be knowledgeable about what is expected, and potential members can understand us fully before they join.

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