FOUNDATION MEETING - December 2, 2012
    Laying the Foundation

Interested members and potential members met to learn more about the beginnings of the Sacred Secular Sanctuary and to discuss, among other things, the following:
  • the Principles of the Sacred Secular Sanctuary
  • ways to get involved as a Member and help determine how the Sanctuary will grow,
  • ways to participate in the presentation of regular meetings and special events,
  • ideas for outreach, to enable worldwide networking of likeminded people.
  • the Constitution of the Sacred Secular Sanctuary; its Articles, Bylaws, and Policies,
We were very pleased with the enthusiastic response.

preparing to begin
Sheila, Jax and Karis prepare to begin the meeting.

Where are the people?
Faces of members are not shown because we did not have their signed permission forms until after the meeting. We are very respectful of everyone's privacy.
        Journeying into the Labyrinth

Karis (our President) discussed her spiritual journey from religious roots to the Sacred Secular Sanctuary. She acknowledged that most of the people present had followed a similar path, to all arrive here together at the centre of the labyrinth, ready to begin the next part of the journey.

journeying into the labyrinth

She also provided clarifying answers the these frequently asked questions:
  • Is the Sacred Secular Sanctuary a Church?
  • Are we anti-religious?
  • Isnít Sacred Secularism just another religion?
  • Are we trying to change the world?
You can read Karis' comments here: Address from the President. To hear the piece of music that is mentioned, click here.

        Understanding our Principles

Jax, our Secretary, led the group in a detailed, and sometimes impassioned, discussion of our Principles.

Membership requires a commitment to abide by these whenever involved in Sanctuary activities.

If we build it...

Sheila, our Treasurer, facilitated a lively and engaging brainstorming session, filling a whiteboard with ideas for things we can do at meetings and gatherings.

Then Beth, one of our first members, talked about the Meeting Planning, Special Events, Member Services and Marketing committees, and encouraged participation. Before long, we had new members signed up and committees formed.

Special treats were shared, with the suggestion that, as the members nourish the Sanctuary, the Sanctuary nourishes the members, and we closed the formal part of the meeting so people could mingle.

A Steering Committee (consisting of committee members and the Executive) meeting was scheduled for December 7th to get the ball rolling.

Many thanks to Asia at Café 22 for opening the café for us on a Sunday. The venue was perfect!

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