Atheist Alliance - First Project - May 2014 to November 2015

We suggest you first read the Scrapbook page for "Why Atheism Matters", because this meeting is a direct outgrowth from that one.

Forming a local network

On Monday, May 12, at 7:00 pm, we met at Lanark Place, with members of the Society of Ontario Freethinkers (SOFREE) to develop plans for an advertising alliance for a new campaign. Members of the U of W's group were invited but sent regrets and asked to be kept in the loop. Spencer Lucas, president of Sudbury's CFI (Centre for Inquiry) group also attended.

Since most of these people had not attended the "Why Atheism Matters" lecture, Karis started things off by outlining what had happened there and how we became inspired to start this Non-believer Network.

The bus sign project

Our first project will be a bus sign, similar to the one that the Sudbury group did, but with different text and a different look.

The message on our sign will be: "Good without God? You're not alone!", followed by a link to a cooperative website for the alliance.

Ray, from SOFREE, presented information about the cost of a bus sign, and the image requirements. We realized that we are going to need to do some fundraising to make this a reality.

        Spencer, from Sudbury CFI, talked about some of the interesting and often humourous experiences the Sudbury group had with media, and fundraising, and the theft of the sign, and more media, and social networking - all of which contributed the his group doubling in size as a result of doing their bus sign project.

Doug, president of SOFREE, described some of the ideas we might use for funding this project.

Good Without God T-shirtsOver the next few months we acquired T-shirts to wear while doing the fundraising activities.

We held an open competition to gather ideas for what to call our new group and decided to call it the Grand River Secular Alliance. Then we had another open competition to create a logo for it.
Grand River Secular Alliance logo

The next step was to create a GRSA website, a prject that was undertaken by Doug from SOFREE.

        Hop on the Bus

Ray designed an excellent poster and SOFREE set up a donation page to help with the fundraising.

Hop on the Bus poster

A project like this takes time. Finally, in October - November 2016, we had our bus sign on the back of a Grand River Transit bus.

Good without God bus sign
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