Our FIRST Annual General Meeting
    Celebrating our First AGM!

On Monday, October 28, 2013, the Sacred Secular Sanctuary celebrated its first "birthday". We celebrated the accomplishments of our first year, previewed the year to come, and discussed options for new things we might consider.

The meeting was held at Lanark Place, where we meet for our regular Salons as well as our executive meetings. In addition to tea and coffee, our wonderful hosts provided treats in honour of the special day.

One display area showed our silver triskele pendants and our t-shirts and gift cards.

Another display showed photos of events from this past year.

We even had a custom-made cake with our triskele symbol and pillars in delicious fondant icing.

        Our Secretary, Jax, started things off with a warm welcome, and Karis, our President, reviewed the high points and activities of this past year.

The Treasurer, Sheila, presented the financial statements, and our Marketing Director, Jessica, spoke about the soon-to-be-launched online forum.

Sheila thanked the many people who have been a helpful part of our journey this year. Jax led a discussion about membership and the challenges of finding a time and place that work for everyone.

Karis talked about things already being planned for the next year and then we brainstormed, with Sheila's guidance, about some future possibilities. A whiteboard list of ideas was created, which the Steering Committee will utilize when planning events.

A celebratory banner that had been donated to the Sanctuary was unwrapped.

After all the presentations were finished, it was time to relax and enjoy the cake and camaraderie.

        AGM photo gallery

Sheila thanking Lanark Place.

And Happy First AGM from your Board of Directors!
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